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Frequently Asked Questions

Which schools can register to use up2now

Any NESA-registered school in NSW that has students from Years 7–12 can register to use up2now. 

Is there a fee for schools to use up2now?

No. The service is free.

Who can be a coordinator at the school?

Usually it is the school’s career advisor, but any teacher can be a coordinator. There is no limit to the number of coordinators from each school. Assign one ‘primary’ coordinator in the site. You can change the primary coordinator at any time.

Can I use up2now if my school is not registered?

No. Your school must be registered for students to use up2now. School coordinators need to check student portfolios to ensure the content is true. If your school is not registered, talk to your career advisor or your school office. It is up to the school to decide to use up2now.

What can students create on up2now?

Students can have many portfolios on the site. For example, you can:

  • create resumes to apply for jobs 
  • create applications for University/TAFE etc
  • have an art portfolio to showcase your artwork/photography
  • export your portfolio as a PDF to print or email
  • generate a unique website url for prospective employers, education bodies, etc
  • remove the url at any time.

Who has access to the information I post?

The NESA up2now administrator can view all school and student information.Each student's profile summary page can be viewed by:

  • the student's school coordinator(s
  • someone to whom the student has chosen to send a private link.

If you are volunteering near the end of each school year, your:

  • name
  • school year
  • volunteering details
  • school details

are sent to Volunteering NSW. This is so they can issue you a certificate (which is sent to your school to present to you).

What happens to my data when I leave school?

Students can download their portfolios as a PDF document or ZIP file. These documents will contain all uploaded items. It is recommended you do this at the end of the school year (or earlier if you leave mid year).

Technical help is available from the Help tab.